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Mike Review: “How to Cope with Bipolar Disorder”

Hi, I am Mike and I’m 26 years old, I’m studying for PR. In my spare time, I like to read, take pictures, play football and basketball, write poems, rap and run my own blog. I easily make new acquaintances, but emotionally is closed and smile rarely. Many people will think that I’m depressed, but it’s not so – the fact is that since 2008 I suffer from a bipolar affective disorder. The disease left a certain impact on my life, and if before I was the soul of the party, I always joked and enjoyed life, but now I’m pretty cold-hearted. In a neurological hospital, I entered the so-called crisis department – there are mostly people who undergo rehabilitation after drug and alcohol abuse. The treatment is completely voluntary implying you may leave the territory free, so I there meet friends there and start mixing alcohol and drugs effective…